As one of the “partners” I’m a bit biased as this is working better than I ever expected. How it scales is another issue as there will be a time when the break even point needs to disappear under a sea of revenue. The critical piece is if the writing that this causes to be produced meets the value expectations of the subscribers. It looks, again, to me as my readers seem to like what they are getting and paying for or seem to be close to starting to pay so they can have more. A good point of the new system is a very limited number of member only stories are allowed for non-member readers. That is a fairly standard approach to pay walls now and the Economist is one that uses it well, I think. I’m always lamenting my having used up my free stories each month. Of course they often show up here in Medium. Surprise, that’s the article I wanted to read . . . I know I’ll subscribe to the Economist and I think that will drive subscriptions for Medium.

Somehow this feels right to me for the first time since the start of the web. While the parts are not really new, the total is definitely feeling like more than the sum of the parts. The community is very good and that is close to amazing.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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