As is, I think, inevitable for those who work as teachers, you are very good at the Socratic technique. Questions are what we deal with and you ask excellent questions.

It depends on how much of my things you have read. You were responding to a fairly specific current analysis essay. I’ve been working to add the future back into this although our future was stolen and that is another factor in the confusion, anger, self destruction. When you cannot see a viable future and the present is getting worse there is no hope to hold people from external or self destruction.

Academically I was an intellectual historian of revolutionary change and a futurist.That was long ago and lead me, by accident, to data communications and information technology. As a result I’ve spent the last forty years moving between education and Information Technology so I have opinions on where this could go. This is paradigmatic change on a scale we have never seen. This is the collapse of the Modern or Western paradigm of human civilization.

This is far too complex to be good or bad. Those terms, to an extent, are being changed. Historically this is a time of loss and disaster as the old rules fail to work with new, very different social variables.

Within that the new paradigm(s) evolve to replace the old. Again, historically, these are broadly generational although it is by no means that simple. So there are two sides to think about: 1) How this will come apart; 2) How things may come together and surprise us.

In essence we spend our time struggling with old wars and trying to rebuild old fortresses in which to recover our security and hope. None of those will work because the structural rules of the old fortresses are irrelevant to the new forces at work. To use the classic reference, France spent twenty years building the Maginot line of fortresses to defend against German invasion by mass armies. In 1940 the new German Panzer Divisions simply drove around the fortifications at high speed.

Here is a look that I did recently at the one aspect of this:

“The Darkness is Descending”

And here is one that looks at what can happen if we don’t get killed first:

“Hope for a New Beginning from a Very Bad End”

These won’t answer all of your questions but it should give you an idea of where I think we may be going. It is very different and, naturally, is denounced as impossible and nonsense by most people. It may be but I don’t think so.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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