As I try to acknowledge anyone who has made some effort to respond to an article in some detail. Given that you made the effort I can only say that it is surprising to see someone attempting to support Trump and his failed administration with only repeated propaganda. There aren’t many people left who even make that effort.

I’m sorry to see someone laboriously parroting falsehoods that are near to being camp cliches. My goodness, that may work in Twitter, the wing nut realms of Facebook, the comment threads of RT or the other Russian military feeds but not in Medium.

There are facts and truth is very real. One of the positives from the last two years of rapid collapse and confusion is the rediscovery of objective reality as the foundation for identifying and denouncing attacks on reality for purposes of destruction.

There were people who vote for Trump as a result of a tremendous onslaught of social media based propaganda orchestrated from Russia. It worked well enough that it may yet destroy what is left of America but tragedy makes you stronger and more aware of the dangers that were previously not well understood. Change results from that.

Trump is now pitiful in his incompetence and that is well understood by the great majority in America now. Those on the fringe who supported his candidacy for destruction of the system had and have a valid point about the failure of the system. The point has nothing to do with the chimera of some grand conspiracy but the simple reality of racism and greed driving predatory capitalism in an massively corrupt political system.

That is not corrupt everywhere and we are seeing the rise of youth and a new future. This is a time of intense change far beyond the ranting of the remnants of the old institutions clinging to the power of the aging racists. We have very little time and rapidly disappearing options for preventing centuries of hardship and death from climate change. We have already condemned our children, grandchildren and their children to the potential loss of our emerging planetary civilization.

That burden makes the current fumbling both incredibly dangerous and absurd having allowed fools to pander to ignorance.

I would suggest spending time in a serious review of the last three hundred years of history.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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