As a transhumanist, I beg to differ. At the most basic and pragmatic level, there are tremendous advantages to integrating electronics and superior components with human biology. In fact I have an implant that allows the use of a digital sound system to replace a damaged ear. I could obviously go on with the intriguing evolution of replacement limbs. The point is that these are not some type of fascist dehumanization nor are they simply crude replacements for human components but offer superior abilities.

Because of this people will become increasingly transhuman. This is and will merge with genetic and bio engineering that will increase our species diversity. And, no, this is not in anyway some kind of fascism. It is liberation from both biological failures and evolutionary limitations.

I think the failure in this article is an historical fixation. The role of 20th century fascism as an offshoot of capitalist materialism has been to turn the majority of people into industrial machines. This was also the goal of Henry Ford but he did try to provide pay and benefits for the well being of his workers.

The oppression and transformation of people into mindless automatons was an early 20th century dream of the ruling elite that we are still dealing with remnants of in late stage capitalism. Don’t confuse that with evolutionary change for the benefit of our species.

The distorted goals of building a white master race (or any version of a master race) is very different tha evolutionary advancement and speciation. Just as human diversity is a benefit at social, economic, and planetary levels, we have no choice now but to manage our own evolution. Because we can, we will.

Don’t confuse mistakes of the past with the diversity and evolution of the future. Diversity is inherently democratic as we will choose what we need and what we want.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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