Are you confused?

I’m having a little trouble today. Things are confusing. I just read an article by Ezinne Ukoha about WTF, America. There was a picture of Trump throwing rolls of paper towels at people in Puerto Rico. The only thing I could think was WTF, America. Then I realized she had already said it. As I said things are confusing. Why paper towels? Wouldn’t money have been more appropriate? But why throw anything? What’s her name, his wife, the robot was sitting at a table. Why was she sitting at a table in Puerto Rico? At least she wasn’t throwing anything. Then again, maybe she could have thrown toilet paper. But that might have been embarrassing. She should have made him throw toilet paper and she could have thrown paper towels. Was this some kind of mardi gras? Foreign aid? Wait, Puerto Rico is part of he US so can’t be foreign aid. Confusing.

And then there was some kind of celebration over body count. I thought body county was when you were killing other people. But this was a hurricane that destroyed Puerto Rico and they don’t even know how many were killed because most places can’t be gotten to, yet. WTF was Trump talking about body counts that were good? We know the guy is an idiot and an asshole but this is way out there in strangeville. At least I don’t think the robot said anything. It would have been better if Trump hadn’t said anything. Less confusing. And I wouldn’t feel so strange.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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