Are We Upside Down Yet?

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This past spring, yes, a long time ago, it was becoming obvious, I thought, that we were facing huge political change. Well, other people thought that too but they didn’t seem to be seeing what I was seeing. Just to put this in context the GOP clown car was still being driven by Jeb Bush and the Trumpenator was a joke. On the DNC side Hilary’s turn had finally come but the whole Bernie thing was getting out of hand. What I saw at that point was the new two party system emerging from the wreckage of the GOP and the wheezing, neoliberal bus of the DNC. The whole thing was broken and people were starting to get “to hell with it” upset.

It seemed that we had a pretty good presidential race going on but it would come from the breakup of the Democratic Party and not the GOP. Once you drag your self away from the carnage of the Republican Party’s death throes the disastrous veer into extreme, right wing paranoia over the last thirty years could be corrected by identifying the Democratic Party as the new conservative party. My point in writing about this then was that if you simply let the so called social issues plus racism and misogyny fall by the wayside, as the majority of the country has already decided should happen, there was nothing left of the GOP. With that out of the way Hilary doesn’t have to pretend to be progressive or democratic socialist but can be a comfortable, status quo, military industrial complex, very competent, neoliberal conservative. This is actually much closer to what the rest of the world knows as conservative. A democratic socialist party could form to restore the traditional form allowing Bernie to be Bernie rather than a pretend and unwelcome Democrat. And we have just found out how unwelcome he was . . .

Damn I wish that had happened. I don’t know who would have won but we could all have said, “Oh well, I can live with that . . .” and gone on about our business. Instead the GOP went on to die but the Trumpenator stole the clown car and is determined to crash it into something to the cheers of millions who have finally said, “Too hell with it . . . If they won’t let me have what I want, no one gets any!”. And we are all going along for the ride.

This all came back to me when Hilary chose Tim Kaine for VP. Wow, another new conservative smart enough to stay out of people’s private parts, but careful to keep the big capitalist wheels turning. The old balance would have been a true progressive on the ticket that would do a better job breaking away from the death and destruction of the clown car with Trump at the wheel but this is really the New conservative party so Tim Kaine is just right. But where’s the new socialist party?

Yes, we still have the insane clown car to deal with so the whole thing is now upside down. What could have been a nice break to a new political age in the US will need to clear a sanity test first. Let’s hope that doesn’t go belly up . . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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