Are We Cancerous or Just Sick?

Is there hope in a slower disaster or just extended suffering

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 23, 2020

Trump’s wild, hissy fit motivated coup using the US court system just keeps taking torpedoes below the waterline. Considering it a ship is giving a lot of credit to a childish tantrum facilitated by gibbering idiots.

Unfortunately, a burning wreck is still a threat to whatever they can manage to bang into. The calls to sink the scow and end the damage are being ignored as we are told that there is no way to remove such a public health threat in the US. Trump’s ship will veer into whatever it can until it runs aground or sinks. While the US electoral system, held together by honest fourth and fifth rank officials, is hanging by a thread, it still seems to be holding on. Naturally Trump and his Trump Party are attacking the only part of the US polical stucutre that is still working.

We should be familiar with this, but the pitiful people still willing to sacrifice what little status they have in Trump’s lazy man’s slow-motion national sabotage is nauseating. We know the damage will continue with no rest until Trump takes his perp walk out of the White House in January.

The real question is the nature and extent of the damage. Trump was obviously a symptom of a major disease but is it a long, intense illness, or are we in advanced cancer stages with the need to start saying goodbye. In the peak of the Trump plague, that means calling your family because everyone is in isolation, and you will die alone.

The agreed public opinion is that the US has been in a severe and debilitating illness. Still, the state-run election system surprisingly managed to deliver a dose of medicine to start the cure. We have a long convalescence and will probably never be the same again, but we will survive.

Admitting that the nation will never be the same again is too much for anyone to say in the mainstream media. In fact, after taking the huge risk of actually reporting Biden’s win, no one is at all specific about the future. If you don’t look at the truck coming at you it can’t hit you.

There is still a genuine chance that Trump, in his uncontrolled narcissistic rage, will order his goons into the streets with their weapons when his destruction of the election fails. The fear and trembling in the mainstream media still prevent them from flatly stating that Trump is an insane criminal with only low-level staff trying to prevent national or international acts of war.

The complete denial of responsibility by the federal leadership leaves us with two months of horror to wait with whatever hope we can muster. It is perhaps best we are locked down in the midst, again, of COVID-19 as that may limit the death toll to suicide only. We appear to be down to thin slivers of hope.

But if we are cancerous, then the most we can hope for is what we have now. Joe “No Surprises” Biden is already backpedaling as fast and as quietly as possible. He seems very comfortable with Trump’s hissy fit refusal to begin the formal transition because Biden can shake his head and hold his hands up in despair. What can I do?

The Biden administration is being filled by the same kind of , , and completely committed to the same that got his four years ago.

Publicly we have Joe Biden saying; The question is, to do what? The neofascist Trump party has no interest in and is very open about refusing to do anything that does not lead to their control of the nation. They are also fine with destroying even the pretense of a democratic system of government. We don’t really need those people as they will block everything that they can. It’s fine to tell them that the door is open if they want to come back in but why do more than that?

The free education and student loan relief in the wild talk of the campaign is now down to Biden being pressured to do more than relieve some . But wait, that’s all you will do? Oh, the deficit noises again meaning that the 1% must be allowed to feed. This is what we are going back to?

Far be it for me to deny palliative care to terminal patients. But the illusion that there is real hope is misplaced. We need to look much harder at what is happening. The structural problems are deep and not easy to understand.

While the hope is good, expecting viable change from the same people who built this world and its disasters is unrealistic.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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