Are we becoming two species?

Exponential change is forcing us to evolve

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What is changing?

Actually change, itself, is changing. The concept of paradigmatic change has been a growing area of study over the last fifty years. Originally labeled by Thomas Kuhn in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions in 1962 it began helping people understand just how big paradigmatic change was and can be. While this was focused specifically on scientific revolutions with the European Scientific Revolution as the largest example it identified something far larger than that.

Changing the way we think

Obviously we need to start thinking in an exponential manner. But our world is still arithmetic, but is that so for everyone? No. We are changing the way we see the universe we live in but that change has been concentrated in the post modern and educated societies. The exponential rate of that change now means that we have parts of our planetary population scattered across completely different world and even universes.

The new evolution

My suggestion that Homo sapiens may be becoming two species simply reflects the size of the paradigm shift that we are experiencing and the extent of the change in our way of thinking that this will require. Exponential change is forcing us to evolve.

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The Smithsonian Institution’s Human Origins Program

Differences in worlds

We already, using America as an example, have an older, racially distinct, and predominantly rural or mentally provincial population that defines normal as a combination of the Newtonian world combined with even earlier methodologically based world views. These people may have difficulty understanding and internalizing the universe defined by relativity that makes time a function of relative position in the universe we inhabit and that is the dominant world of the 20th century.

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