And then they laughed . . .

Trump’s delusion punctured

“Trump addressing UN General Assembly” by Levi Saunders on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer

he professional consensus that I see has identified a steady decline in our boy Trump’s mental health. This includes what is diagnosed as a increasing inability to deal with reality. As we have all watched a terrible situation becoming steadily worse over the last two years, that is no surprise.

I tend to agree with those who are predicting a violent reaction resulting from today’s address at the UN General Assembly. Trump attempted to pull off one of his ‘no connection to reality’ rants to start his speech and was directly laughed at not once but twice. This is the first case that I recall of any nation state’s leader being laughed at by the full General Assembly.

Yes, America is being laughed at, now. Even Trump himself was stumped by the response and struggled to carry on. It was bad enough that he had made up a new story by the end of the session, apparently, claiming how great the reaction was to his speech. Narcissists and bullies cannot tolerate being laughed at. Therein lies the danger.

Trump must be in a rage by now. I suspect that the staff has been working to get him back in his bubble and occupied with Big Macs or whatever else he eats. Tonight will tell the tale. Unless they manage to take his phone away he will be in full Twitter scream by morning.

His form of mental illness is very predictable and that means that he must pick a culprit who caused the disaster. Mueller, Hillary, the New York Times, someone must pay for this. This is where it gets dangerous. He will never be able to forget the sound of that laughter and that cannot be. They must recognize his brilliance and awesome dominance of the world but they didn’t. And then they laughed.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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