And that is the unstated problem, to prevent potentially terminal climate change events for all our related life forms requires us to see the problem and to see possible solutions. The world as almost all people see it now does not show the problem as something understandable or reasonably actionable.

We have people who do see it and there are solutions that could have long since been started but too many live in the old paradigm that sees only materialist gain as our species defining action. Nothing can be allowed to limit that. All other talk is nonsense to those people.

This is the old “masters of the universe” problem. But that universe was not the true universe but only a stage in our perception and manipulation of it. As we gain knowledge and understanding in each age the limits of our knowledge and vision of the world become steadily more apparent. This drives us to imagine new ways of seeing based on that new knowledge.

The acceleration is the tricky thing. Most people are operating on the assumption that are physically defined as a Cartesian /Newtonian world. That was being replaced by one with relativity integrated over the whole of the 20th century. That was only a ten year period or so until the quantum mechanical problem appeared but that was too far outside almost everyone’s range. We’re finally doing that, slowly, but it is a far bigger change.

Who knows if we will make it in time. The planet will roll on but we may have killed a whole range of life forms.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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