An interesting response that illustrates one of the problems. The movement away from scarcity is also a movement away from the distorted values of hypercapitalism. What is it that we need to be happy? Using your example I really don’t need anything but a good knee surgeon and I’m not sure I would know what distinguishes the world’s best knee surgeon from a good one. Now if I had a rare and very difficult problem I would want someone who could solve that problem but the docs that I know would try to do that no matter what and the specialist surgeon who could take care of that problem would do it as much for the challenge as the money. And I do have several docs in my family. So post capitalist (also post socialist) is moving to a new sustainable economics that values accomplishment and happiness more than a collection of McMansions. You see how the capitalist failure is clearly illustrated there.

But the real point is that we cannot support the capitalist or socialist attitude (they are effectively identical) based purely in capital goods as value. The shrinking cost of production will make those increasingly valueless even in this system. And none of that produces value that we can use to increase human happiness. But first we need to eliminate need by eliminating hording and greed. And if we don’t make this change quickly enough we loose it all anyway as we destroy our planet by continuing to make it unfit for our type of mammal to survive.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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