An interesting analysis of the latest Pew survey. The results are not surprising given the disaster filled start. It is also obvious that not only will nothing change but Trump will make it worse. That he is seen with a small positive on keeping campaign promises is, I think, irrelevant. He tried to do something but didn’t know how and has surrounded himself with lapdogs who also do not have a clue.

The interesting part of this analysis is its veneer of normalization. It is obviously difficult to maintain traditional journalistic objectivity and I appreciate the attempt, but that’s no longer what is needed. There are people who supported Trump and still do. These people are not being served by letting them hold on to this disaster and irrational polarization in the face of political collapse.

Again, I appreciate the effort to maintain objective balance but while we don’t want to shout ‘fire’ in the theater, smoke gathering near the ceiling suggests a bit more aggressive message. In the larger issue the role of media and journalism needs to be evaluated more fundamentally. It may be that, with massive involvement of a large segment of the educated (already a political orientation) in new areas of social media such as Medium, requires the professional level to act as a moral, ethical, and factual control.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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