An excellent tale of American privilege. I grew up in that privilege but didn’t marry into it. I have a granddaughter who grew up in a much more tenuous situation so no privilege. Her mother is also Japanese, my step daughter. But she is facing your situation of marrying into the people who think America is still alive and that, somehow, Trump or someone will bring everything back.

I worry about her. She is very nice and works very hard to take care of her family. He parents in law are country Christians of the sort that followed Trump because they were told to. God spoke or at least the rumor was that god spoke. All the same to them.

They have been living with their in laws for the lost six months or so as that was easy while her husband took a job in order to wait for a possible university related position. They are financially secure also, but more equally based, as both are medical professionals.

I know she is being very polite and dealing with the prayers and assumptions that everyone is actually just like them. And, as you said, dealing with the priviledge that the world would be better if one thing could be made impossible for people to do. God is rumored to have said that. But they are polite, also.

But you made me realize the fragility of the world that these people have never questioned. Their privilege and their, assumed, financial stability is not only at risk but doomed. But they have accepted blindness.

While I think you are correct in not forcing them to see the cracks in their privileged world, the future is not going to be so kind. This is the human dilemma in our age of paradigmatic change and collapse that cannot be stopped.

The question is not what is most correct to say or do but what is least cruel.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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