An excellent review of the preparations to overthrow the US government for a corrupt, fascist regime. No laws apply and those that do are, by no means, universal. Laws are malleable for the benefit of the ruler no matter how ignorant and corrupt he may be.

The great tragedy is the rigid denial of reality by all in official positions. The Democratic pack of contenders are all determined to be totally surprised and completely flummoxed when Trump and his manipulators declare their election ‘fake news’. But even an actual election is by no means assured.

Trump had made it clear that no law applies to him and he will continue to do whatever he wants until someone physically stops him. Fortunately Trump is a standard bully and coward. A firm command would cause him to shit his pants and crawl, snivelling into a corner.

Nancy Pelosi is hoping that Trump and all his cohort will go to jail by themselves without any action required by her. That is not going to happen. As stated here he thinks he is safe.

Ironically Trump is deathly afraid of Pelosi. The only thing he can do is make demeaning names up for the people who scare the shit out of him. I suspect she could go in the White House, shout at him, then drag him out the door by his tie and he would be helpless. That would solve many problems.

At least we can dream.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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