An excellent parental perspective on Danish schools with reference to other school systems. Most educators in the US are very aware of the innovative excellence of Scandinavian schools although is mostly directed at Finnish schools due to educational studies.

This does the real work, though, in describing the focus on students and creating working citizens for modern, often urban, and global society. US schools are most notable in failing to support either students or teachers. The result of that are students who achieve educational and social growth based on the luck of the draw with their families. They may also be lucky to have some excellent teachers who succeed in struggling against the dead weight of society and the educational system. We might as well include the dead weight of the failing culture that seems determined to foster liars, thieves, and killers.

Fortunately massive technical changes appear to be creating a new generation of students who understand how to work in the global networked world and are not afraid to simply call shit what it is and walk out on it in protest. That is a terrible thing to have to take for what hope we can get.

Building cooperative and collaborative students who can take pleasure in social settings and learning and who feel supported by their communities and governmental structures is the key to happiness in this new world.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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