An excellent essay and I fully understand your position. Perhaps I didn’t state it explicitly enough, but impeachment was designed as a political process but above the level of party politics. By saying it is not political in this case, and doomed to fail for systemic reasons, it is the only available trigger for revolutionary change.

The process of Constitutional change was extremely limited to prevent continued revolution despite Jefferson's hope. The pathology of racism and slavery culminating in the civil war devastated and traumatized the nation. This produced a national form of PTSD repression and fear of change with periodic outbursts of violence.

I think this is what has frozen anything but minor changes driven by the increasing absurdity of racism and misogyny as almost all other cultures changed. That could only be touched on very lightly.

The violence was channeled into genocide eliminating the remaining indigenous populations and then into foreign wars of economic conquest. But after 150 years that has also become absurd as we are now faced with first completely global paradigmatic change. As a result the wars are purely business as usual and are limited to a professional military drawing off the poorest from long traumatized families who are continuously traumatized.

This is now the source of the insane minority that knows only self hatred and self destruction and views all change as something that will make things worse. What else could it do? This has evolved over five or six generations.

At the structural level the nation is locked without a key to change short of full revolutionary explosion. The pressures against organized violence are now very strong and becoming the social norm planet wide. See Steven Pinker. The only key is the process of impeachment even though it was nearly gutted by politicalization with the Republican Party’s fifty years of destruction.

The fear and rage among the American majority is unsustainable. Trump is a criminal with decades of Russian funded corruption and incompetence. The powers controlling this destruction know that if anything comes out the resulting explosion of vileness and sewage will be immense. No spin will be possible. Their only option is full repression and a police state which is their goal. But the horror that would result could see them blown away. Full repression is their only option.

So the only release that could trigger a long needed structural revolution, now driven by paradigmatic change and climate crisis, is impeachment to tear open all financial records. Mueller seems to fully understand this but refused to pull the trigger. He will pay a very high price historically for his refusal and it will not stop the explosion.

Unless the repression succeeds.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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