An excellent article. This clearly illustrates the increasing perception of failure in the current governmental systems. Most people, I think, understand that the numbers used to justify the existing train wreck are distorted. That’s why there is little confidence in government and institutions while opportunist manipulators take advantage of angry people.

In the case of the US the numbers used and carefully controlled must show that things are good and getting better. The criteria for this are that the immensely wealthy are getting wealthier (under the current definition of GDP) while the people are not suffering too much despite their growing insecurity and loss of any assets. Hence a very limited definition of unemployment is used.

The reality is seen when different comparisons are used. There is a growing, planetary movement to make perceived happiness, i.e. well being, health, and security, of the population as the primary criteria. With US numbers we are the richest country. In happiness the US ranks 18th behind Luxembourg and Belgium but ahead of GB at 19th.

Alone among the top countries we have no national healthcare or support for families and children, the worst asset imbalance, and some 70% of the population with no savings for any disaster.

In terms of unemployment the reality in terms of people who need and want better conditions for themselves and their family may we’ll be 30%. But we are not allowed to consider that. As security is stripped away by the agents of the vastly wealthy this will worsen.

And that does not consider the reduction of livable wage jobs with automation that will require some form of Universal Basic Income. UBI, incidentally, shows how much improvement can be made in both happiness and productivity in a society with, at least, some portion of guaranteed income.

This is a very complex issue that is being officially ignored in this country to protect the unstainable status quo. It will collapse, if for no other reason than the accelerating disaster of climate change destroying even the pretense of ‘profitability’, and this will need to be figured out, hopefully, before then.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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