An excellent and timely article. Why not monetize our data? I see this as an important part of our social and economic paradigmatic change to sustainability. The greatest economic failure that we face now is the grossly distorted distribution of assets. Data, i.e. information, is the new standard source of value. Unlike oil, the old but still current primary source of value, information is a product of people as well as systems. It is not buried in the ground and out of reach of those without capital to recover it.

So this is an asset that we all share in producing. It will be the basis of a new economy providing capital investment for everyone. Universal Basic Income seems to work best as a return on capital for everyone. As we have seen capital now far exceeds innovation or production as income. We must all be able to live on the asset based of our planet and our population.

Obviously different people will have differently valued information. This can never be a flat egalitarian world but it is, inherently, equitable. We need to figure out ow to dynamically value any information and it must start as transparent information. This will allow the old fossil fuel dollars through declining value so to be retired without a violent revolution and redistribution.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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