An excellent and simple description of life as people in the more successful countries live it. I also saw the story on the terrible T-shirt enraging the hard working inheritor. I spend far too much time reading and writing about this since the rapid acceleration of the US into its own form of political collapse. The extent of the reality distortion that allows a powerful and rich nation to fall rapidly in all standards now used to judge state viability culminating in accepting a sociopathic usurper as president is amazing. As have many other people I’ve come to see this as an incredible research opportunity in the collapse of hyper-capitalism and the failure of the once great hope of modern democratic politics.

Non of this should have happened. The Trump disaster should not be happening. But that it has and is happening opens profound questions about the the foundation assumptions of the Western world.

As you have, very gently, outlined, life is just not as frightening in the European social democratic states. In most ways it is the same human range of problems and challenges with basically the same opportunities but not the level of psychological anguish, depression, and periodic terror at the loss of everthing that is supposed to be “good” for us. That it isn’t is visible in the reduced life expectancy and the problems with opioid addiction, the growing homelessness and social deformity.

You would think that this would cause a wake up to rethink things before they are too late. But I feel that is past. The political system is so corrupt that, even though the majority of the population has realized and rejected this, the powers that control the government are determined to glorify exploitation. Change is not allowed.

Many people are leaving. You were fortunate, now, in having left when you did to build a normal life. So many here who have a normal life are at risk of losing it, if not immediately then for their children and grandchildren as conditions worsen.

Ah but everything is beautiful. And if it isn’t maybe it is only temporary.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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