An excellent and brutally direct article. You would think that these things would be self-evident as self-evidence was a founding principle of the US, at least. The absurdity of building national success on exploitation of your own population by rewarding the richest elite exclusively certainly does suggest a perspective far north of the national anus.

And it is not as if there wasn’t time to figure this out. The problems have been building for forty years with no obvious solution except more tax cuts for the rich and a greater reduction of public services. For the US this could be patched up with continuous wars to occupy, and use up, the troublesome youth while funneling more tax dollars to the elite. The continuous cry of deficit and sharing the pain while no pain was shared was a sleazy trick that has blown up every time it was used. Wait long enough and the rage builds. People subjected to this enlightened concept of opportunity put up with it for all those years and finally it blows up. Surprise!

This kind of rage and self-destructive anger is not easily put back in the box. The portions of the population given over to anger and xenophobia are going to mean blood in the streets.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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