America’s small window of opportunity

What we need to survive to allow us to thrive

by Mike Meyer

There is now a small window of hope in the worst of times. As the American people are coming to realize, the wave of Democratic Party wins on November 6 did not provide any answers and no solutions for the failing nation state. It did provide a small window of opportunity. Is there any hope of using this opportunity?

The unification of the majority to vote Democratic without regard for anything else was critical to gaining this opportunity. The accelerating collapse of the US into an incredibly powerful but low grade dictatorship led by the incompetent and criminal very nearly blocked this election.

Every effort is being made to reverse whatever can be reversed by any means. Sadly that has worked for a number of years leading to the Trump disaster. Will it be allowed to continue? That is the critical question that must be answered now. Not next month or next year but now.

The majority is still mostly depressed at the incredible failure of the American democratic system. This failure has been the normal political state in this country for over forty years. Legislative bodies do not represent anyone but the same vastly wealthy elite.

While the Republican Party has become a criminal and fascist organization devoid of policy as all of its policies have been revealed to be solely for the benefit of the mega wealthy, the Democratic Party has focused on gaining the favor of the same group.

This has produced exploitation of the great majority of the population. The growth of wealth has barely benefited that majority over the last forty years. The racists and authoritarians among them have been co-opted by usurpers of the Republican Party to create a shock force built on anger and hatred. These are the classic fascist tools of state destruction for power to cover massive economic plunder.

Having watched this for two years an amazing number of citizens came out to vote despite the barriers and criminal voter suppression and acts of sabotage. As the size of this window of opportunity to restore some sense of democracy to the country has become clear the forces in power realize they must destroy this quickly or they will be removed.

What must happen to use this opportunity?

The traditional Democratic Party must immediately be sidelined. They are not a solution but a part of the problem. This is not their win.

With the retaking of the House Nancy Pelosi must be removed from consideration for Speaker. She represents the conservative super wealthy elite and has no interest in changing anything. She is already signaling surrender under the guise of compromise. There is no compromise with fascism and bigotry.

Policies must be defined and ranked as essential, critical, desired, and optional. The essential policies that are what has been demanded by the great majority of the American population must be delivered.

  • Single payer national healthcare for all residents. Medicare for all however it is termed cannot be compromised. It is essential.

These are presented in priority order as suggested policy forms.

Can we do this? Yes! But not with the political system as it currently exists. This can be started but will require Constitutional change to allow the United States to survive and begin to thrive.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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