America is not going to make it. That has been obvious for a long time. This article summarizes this very well. The parts of a 21st century national unit that are required for successful transition to a new world system were not built in 20th century America. In fact they were continuously denied and viciously denounced as ‘un-American’. Now they cannot be built because there is no social foundation. That is what is being said here.

umair haque is more optimistic than I. He assumes that at some point the construction will start but it will take many years. There is an evolutionary reality here, I think, that will eliminate the organizations that have no foundation in humanity and collaboration. I don’t think we have even ten years and maybe less than five. I see the federal explosion/implosion happening very soon.

The federal collapse may be the only real hope. This will allow the regions, states, and metropolitan units to spin off or simply devolve to partial or full independence. That is one of the likely paths of development in the 21st century. Diversity is the strength of metro areas and this focuses inevitably on public life and public/shared service and facilities. Metropoles are our future and there is really no need for larger regional political structures particularly when those have been structured to allow rural areas with little diverse population to dominate as a tool of the oligarchy.

The surprising affinity between Trump and Putin is really one between America and Russia. The old enemies could not survive without their opposite but that opposite has now become a twin. The USSR collapse could have allowed the rise of a healthy and democratic Russia. But there was no foundation and people were most familiar with political oligarchs and the leaders trained in the old system simply eliminated Marxism and restructured the oligarchy on capitalist finance. That is all the Trump could understand so he looked to the model that he understood. Putin understood and has been giving Trump a hand.

The component states of the old Russia/USSR have broken away but are being conquered and drug back into the clutches of the Russian bear. These larger regional unions now are not useful but are readily as they impose old failed systems on people that need metropolitan regions to be innovative and areas of rapid change. That is critical or we will not survive.

We need to think about the collapse, not as an end point, but as a starting point that will allow the type of change that we desperately need. That does not include Russia or America and probably not India and China except as loose alliances. Vast bureaucratic regions are not efficient and are incredibly resistant to change. That will kill us all on this planet.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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