America is Leading Again

Let’s hope we can avoid what will result

by Mike Meyer

The United States is in the lead again. Unfortunately the destination is not a good place. In fact it may not be place at all but a condition.

In the difficulty of explaining complex changes occurring at the human social level during the emergence of the Quantum Mechanical Universe mixed metaphors are inescapable. Hence the lead is not to a destination but a condition and that condition is one of an achieved critical mass.

Politely we could say that America is about to achieve a critical mass of confusion and self contradiction. Less politely we can call it a critical mass of bullshit and stupidity. But what does that mean?

It means that you should make sure your passport is ready and your go bag is packed. At some point, very soon, this sucker is going to blow.

For most of the last two years I was reasonably sure that the pressure created by an illegitimate election resulting in a badly compromised, low grade criminal ascending to the nation’s presidency would begin to be corrected. Preferably Trump would have been forced to resign under threat of impeachment or, at least, a symbolic selection of the goons surrounding him would be behind bars.

While a number of second tier goons are behind bars, the failure and corruption of the system is already so great that the delivery of justice is now blocked. The Justice Department is in the hands of, yet, another criminal who had managed to lurk in the federal judiciary until he was needed to sacrifice himself to save the useful fool.

Barr should now be under house arrest for contempt of Congress but is still walking around with his trousers down and presenting his ass to be kissed as an insult to the citizens of this country. That is unacceptable to say the least.

The fact that Trump’s family is still not under indictment is incredible. The fact that Mueller, in a pretense of mercy, did not indict at least one of Trump’s sons because they were too stupid to know that they were breaking numerous laws is a major factor in the pending nuclear reaction.

The irony in this rapidly expanding crisis is that the primary impactor is Donald J. Trump, himself. He has degenerated into a suicidal force determined to pump himself up until he explodes. He has become wildly irrational and seems, now, to have no one telling him anything but whatever he wants to hear.

My fear from the beginning of this was that we would slip past the point of no return unaware as everyone looked everywhere but in front of them and struggled to keep the illusion that there was still a salvageable nation here. But that illusion is so tattered that there is no there, there.

If you consider the three divisions of the US government we have the Executive in the hands of a fool and assorted, not very bright, criminals, the judiciary lead by a stooge with courts, including the Supreme Court, stuffed with smaller stooges of varying levels of incompetence, and the legislative with a criminally led Senate and the House dependent on a small group of young and brave people standing against it all.

By any manual of military tactics, this is a losing situation. There is little to be gained by continuing to play by the enemies rules since they have stolen the rule book. That they were allowed to do this is a tragedy but the reality is what it is. It is time for guerrilla warfare.

The capital has been lost but it has little leadership value now anyway. The foothold in the House of Representatives should be maintained and the valiant representatives must be protected but the political parties are finished. This corps is critically important as a source of new leadership in what follows. But we don’t know, yet, what that will be.

What we do know is that desperately pretending that the system will somehow start working after years of corruption and subversion is not a viable plan. That needs to be repeated, what we have is the result of years of subversion by what was once the Republican Party. In that time it became something else but not a political party in a representative republic.

The Democratic Party is not the answer. The radically changed conditions place all the pressure on the weakest link in the nation’s political structure. The repeated failure of the leadership of the Democratic Party to do anything when faced with massive corruption, major crime, and the very strong appearance of treasonous activities by a sitting president, beyond rudimentary and ineffective investigations is indicative of structural collapse.

These are the symptoms of a decayed and failing system. The letter of the old political game rules must be followed for traditional political advantage. Survival of the species or, even, maintenance of basic moral, ethical, and legal standards must take a backseat to the ‘etched in stone’ political goals.

That is not leadership. That is suicide.

The rules have been destroyed and even their vestiges are being laughed at and ignored by foreign funded internal forces of racism and authoritarianism. This is not the time to be discussing the fine points of the last century’s abandoned hopes.

We need to support those who will take action and who have the energy and youth to fight for their future because that future is being taken away by the hour. Age is supposed to bring the ability to see beyond knowledge to wisdom. But that doesn’t often happen as a lifetime of being programmed to a very limited range of action can blind you to underlying structural change.

Recognizing that structural change and knowing when to drop the old tools and build new ones to accomplish what is needed now is the essence of that wisdom. If we can find it.

We have, fortunately, a group of young and visionary leaders who are learning to face the reality of this situation. They need the experience of all of us to help guide their actions and shape their vision. But we need to give them the approval and authority to ignore the failing rules and to take the battle wherever it must go to save their future and ours. At the very least we need to make sure that those who cannot change are moved out of the way.

This battle, right now and right here, is critically necessary to win, at all costs, because it will allow us to belatedly start the largest fight we have ever faced. The Climate Crisis will take centuries to overcome but how much damage to this planet and our civilization we can prevent can be known in the next two or three decades if we are successful.

We already know the ending if we don’t start. Those are the kind of rules we cannot change. Let’s dispense with the old rules that don’t matter because they are no longer valid and are being ignored. Let’s create new rules, now, as we need them.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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