America as the Black Knight

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ September 3, 2020

What do we do now that we have lost?

What? We haven’t lost! What did we lose?

Well, Good citizen of America, the list is rather long already and getting worse by the day. Shall we take a few off the top?

You have a demented psychopath apparently in thrall to Russian interests who has already lost the next election but is creating as much chaos as possible to destroy that election and create a constitutional crisis. I’d call that a total loss all the way around. No one gains anything but suffering and more disasters.

That same dysfunctional psychopath commits daily felonies on national television. Besides promoting violence and denying reality, he now is ordering citizens in North Carolina to commit the felony of voter fraud. For what reason? None except to create more confusion and entangle his followers in his criminal actions. Another case of all loss and no win for anyone.

There is also the murder, intentional, of 185,000 Americans to date by completely failing to provide a coherent national plan to handle a horrific pandemic. That number will be well over 200,000 by election day in November. This action is a candidate for crimes against humanity status and should be handled by the International Court of Justice. No wins here for anyone.

There is now a new plan for the pandemic, although there was never an old one. That is to let everyone get sick, and those that die are left to do so. This scheme fails to understand the term ‘herd immunity’ that applies to highly contagious diseases that ultimately die out when all have either gained immunity by surviving the disease or who have died are no longer an issue.

Coronaviruses are a problem here as this would require long term immunity from infection or vaccine. That may not be possible as immunity is not permanent from infection, we are confirming, so that the disease may become endemic. And for the population of the US, the death count, even at only 1%, is over 2 million people. That is a losing price to pay to allow inaction and incompetence.

But there is more in the terrible plan of just letting things go. COVID-19 produces long term effects. These problems are primarily in cardiac and vascular. People who have recovered from the initial infection may be disabled with shortness of breath and exhaustion from permanent damage to their hearts. There is no win here.

In another attempt at sabotage of national health, the same demented psychopath has corrupted the federal government by appointing unqualified and incompetent political stooges to lead federal services. The US Postal Service is now in shambles, ruled by a person with no experience who owns a major corporation that is now a sizeable postal contractor. He is also destroying national mail delivery to disrupt vote by mail that is now critical during a pandemic. The gain? Many people’s votes may go uncounted. The result of this is not a win even for Trump, who cannot win a fair election but creates confusion and the changes to overthrow the federal government.

The economy is a disaster with greater unemployment since the Great Depression. Hunger and homelessness are now a threat to millions with no response except worthless ‘executive orders’ that somehow end up filling the pockets of billionaires and helping no one who needs help. Here there are winners, the financial minority that backs Trump for the freedom to loot the nation. Everyone else loses.

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The US is a failed state and about to become an authoritarian one managed by criminals and fools. But, of course, the official discussion ignores this completely. Nothing but a little corruption in the election, and we will all bounce back.

The internal condition of the US is amazingly like the classic Monty film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail,’ and specifically the scene with the Black Knight. The accuracy is stunning. America has lost its arms and legs and insists it is just a flesh wound. In the film, King Arthur and his knights shake their heads and move on.

But who is the winner? China is now the lead nation on the planet. You can pretend to yourself you are still strong even though you have failed, but the rest of the world sees the reality and moves on.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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