Amber Lisa my apologies for the slow response. . .

. . .and for stepping on your wave/particle duality vision of Jesus and Einstein. I had to read your article before I responded. These are really interesting ideas but, kind of obviously, not what I was talking about in my response. But I think we agree on that.

Let’s just get this out of the way now as I really agree with what you are trying to say. We are very close to the same harmonic. But the devil is in the details even though the details are an illusion.

Einstein had great difficulty with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the related problems of entanglement or “action at a distance” that were, for him, unacceptably “spooky”. So he spent the rest of his life trying to prove it all wrong. Which he didn’t do. But he seemed pretty happy with working on at it and not having to wear socks anymore. Socks were a particular sore point for Einstein for some reason. One of those mysteries in which we are all entangled.

There is a bit of problem in extending the subatomic reality to the atomic and macro world. I’ve never been able to quite figure this out because everything is completely interwoven and the whole thing functions on the basis stricly of probability. And almost everything is probable at some point or other or not as the case may be. After all, time moves in one direction at our level but in both directions (are there more than two?) at the subatomic level. Is that because that is the way it is or simply that is the only semi-functional metaphor that we have in our stock?

And that raises the issue of metaphors. Metaphors are all we have. That was the original success of Siddhartha Gautama who finally figured that out. So why get caught in a fuss over a lousy metaphor that is probably totally wrong anyway. Plato worked on the same thing but got derailed on the idea that the shadows on the wall of our cave were shadows of the real thing. That left western civilization figuring out shadows for the next couple thousand years. Some people still haven’t figured out that was actually a joke played by Lao Tzu while sitting in a bamboo grove. At least Siddhartha thought it was funny but Aristotle took it the wrong way and we ended up with Christianity.

And so my concern with getting Jesus into relativity. Saul of Tarsus was about as Aristotelian as you could get and not be Greek. That’s why Jesus didn’t have any history and was supposed to be only an idea except when he was a sheep. The Greeks got along fine with that but the Hebrews wanted three or four pages of begets before they would listen to anything. The sheep thing was maybe ok with them, too, but where do you put the goats? So they just didn’t care to buy in. That’s one of the problems with Abrahamic mythology. The other is the damn Sumerian sky god thing which never comes to a good end. But I’ve carried on long enough and don’t want to get too far off topic.

Maybe we can figure this out another time?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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