All of your points are accurate, and the future is inevitable, but that is predicated on improving the commonweal. The benefits are logical and well-proven but meaningless if your motivating goal is greed and keeping massive wealth decorated by occasional charitable ‘gifts’ to the populace. As long as most people are not starving, things are perfect, but that reality needs to be continuously resold.

The commonweal is only a conspiracist plot to prevent unlimited consumption among the elite and those who hope to be elite. But hope is a fragile connection that needs to be converted into faith that feeds itself to become stronger. And that leads down the rat hole of fascism with the lure that your wealth already exists but is being stolen and consumed by the faithless.

This is a bit more sophisticated than the angler fish who dangles what looks like a worm in front of its mouth. The greater sophistication is that the parasite's instinct evolved beyond the simple predator who always risks over-consuming its prey as conditions change. It is much better to feed slowly so as not to kill your food source while keeping minimum survival within reach to prevent them from struggling too hard to remove the parasite.

We struggle with a minority of our population that is still open to that lure and considers being slowly consumed as natural and correct. This has become hardened by the marketing technique of defining their disease as their identity. This prevents questioning and simple cures.

We are facing an endemic sociopathic disease that must be controlled. The great irony of a well-tuned and successful coronavirus, from the virus's perspective, being tragically incorporated into this minority’s diseased identity, seems a supernatural joke.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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