Ah, the irony. America is the child of Great Britain. America went off on its own and had a good run while the old one lost it’s colonial empire, was attacked by German in it s fascist mode, and the child came back to save the parent.

Skip forward sixty years and Great Britain became unhappy at its EU future as it included equality and open borders even though that had made London the financial capital of the planet and kept a third class country in the first class seats. Meanwhile America lost its way, failed to face its racist core, and became predatory capitalist on the road to fascism.

This suggests that there is a genetic, i.e., structural and cultural defect that appears with age and change. Both are going down together and not in a good way. But GB was healthier and is now disgusted at the display of stupidity brought by Trump. But that is probably not strong enough the save them.

The reality, as Aellé outlined in a response is accurate. We cannot be pulled down into the pointless mess of old systems, all of which are failing, but from which we must build new models that fit a rapidly heating planet. We no longer have the freedoms that allowed past mistakes and still could provide higher social success.

People who insist on fighting long fought and lost battles are now very dangerous. They are blocking hard choices that must be made in order to avoid even harder and tougher choices. It is not the same world. The rules on how to thrive are far harder now.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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