Ah, but that is the problem. Can we use the tools that have created and continue to create the disaster that we are facing to fix that disaster? The problem is, I think, evolutionary. We have the intelligence, perhaps, but we cannot control our emotions and many people cannot overcome fast thinking in favor of slow thinking. As I pointed out we will need to change Hoe live quickly at the planetary level. How do we do that without AI? We are struggling to build unbiased machine learning and even that is very hard for us. Hopefully we can do it. We then need to commit to accept augmentedproblem solving that will include things that we cannot understand.

Perhaps, if we can survive, we will evolve to incorporate augmented analysis that will allow us to work with planetary problems. I’m willing to bet that we can work much better utilizing our social media tools to rule ourselves now but large chunks of our population believe Neolithic myths and voted for Trump. We need to work around that type of thinking and it is not going quickly enough. How do you do that fairly?

By taking all of us out of the most difficult and newest problems by admitting our inadequacy. We can, though, build AI systems that can understand and provide solutions to those problems. We have been asking people to deal with problems they are simply unready to handle. And our hubris is killing us. Trump is a lesson in having an incompetent person who does not understand that he is incompetent. We are all in that situation now and must admit it. Perhaps that is the lesson of mindfulness. And our only hope. . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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