The bible was written by magic monkeys. That’s actually what you were trying to avoid saying but I think the magic monkeys sprang to life and manipulated your fingers on the keys. Monkeys can be persistent. Particularly when we are trying to hide from ourselves.

Your use of Henry Ford’s “History is bunk . . .” caught my attention as I used that for twenty years in teaching university freshmen in the dreaded and required World Civilizations courses. And of course it is written by the winners . . . the magic monkeys appear again. But you left out the most important western quote and the one that explains the other two: History is the lie commonly agreed upon . . . Voltaire. We build our history as we go and then we rebuild it over and over as we write and rewrite our personal and group histories.

Based simply on our cognitive limitations and practical need for story components we rarely make things up from whole cloth but use people, events, and other people’s stories to build our own trial histories. Isn’t that what stories are?

My dismay when you tried to back out of the reality of our magic monkey past and claim some kind of ‘actual event’ status for the Christian gospel stories caused me to write this. Inspirational stories are really important to magic monkeys. Those stories are of most value when they are understood to be magic monkey tales and not to be confused with reality. They then hold real potential for future history. . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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