A Very Serious Question

There is a very serious question on many people’s minds today. We have a tremendous mass of our population focused on the ban (no need to identify which ban at this point) and the great majority are experiencing some level of outrage. This is good. The last year of the election (it seems a long time ago now) was grossly misguided with almost no concern for any real policy or issues. And now we are fighting what seems a losing battle against a blatantly fascist governing elite orchestrated by Steve Bannon, the essence of vicious, racist absurdity. While the pretender president has now been identified as mentally dysfunctional he still rules in name with his minions building whatever reality they can get away with.

The question is what can we do to correct this with the badly crippled, political and governmental system that created this debacle. Even Lessig, one of the most capable voices of legal reason in an age of collapse seems to be driven to almost asking this question. The comments in many of the articles that I have read, and I am having trouble finding many that support the Trump although I’m sure they are out there, seem to see the need for some level of immediate action. I have been calling for that myself since the election. Let’s hope this does not turn into a call for violence although Trump and his supporters seem to be working quickly to make that a possible response to any serious challenge. That is scaring people and scaring me.

It seems obvious that Trump and the Trumpster crew needs to be removed from power quickly. Having shown a high level of incompetence in their first big push this weekend they are being forced to slowly back up allowing the mass media to start heaving sighs of relief and lauding the return of sanity to the Trump White House. I expect that will be Tuesday’s theme. This plays well with the theme of minding the sensibilities of the Trump voters. Sadly the psychology of the Trump supporter at this point will cause that to be called the weakness of intellectuals and libtards. Concern for sensibilities is now inappropriate. Presenting, whenever possible, the basic facts stated strongly enough can have an effect on those open to reason needs to done and can be successful with the rational. But we just have to realize that many people in these situations are simply not open to reason but still have to be dealt with and, if necessary, moved out of the way.

My own suggestion is outside the constitution as have I have said since November 9th. We do not have mechanisms in an 18th century founding document able to deal with the instantaneous reality of the 21st century. To avoid violence, action must be taken and must be taken quickly and logically. At this point Congress is broken and hopeless. We have seen that the courts that remain under the control of judges willing to act can now be simply ignored. Calls by attorneys for judges to act against individuals will be very slow and who really are the officers who will handle this against DHS? The Trump regime is betting it won’t happen and they win. Once the power is broken it will take massive change to bring it back.

Perhaps if President Obama, Bush (both, although Bush senior was just released from the hospital), and Clinton were to announce they are forming a special executive body to take temporary authority we could halt the disaster and buy time for thoughtful change. I think they would, as a group, need to take the role of commander in chief to have the power to control this and provide protection from the ignorant and incompetent gaining control of our nuclear arsenal. We can then begin the search for a true solution while the planet collectively heaves a true sigh of relief.



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Mike Meyer

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .