A very interesting essay on a particularly pitiful symptom of cultural failure. Religion is definitely not the answer but functioning spirituality definitely is one part of the answer. That’s the part that takes a serious look at the world around us with compassion and mindfulness (Buddhist terms but that is not important as the principles come from many places).

We are a period of massive change so the shortcomings of what we have show up all around us. The male problem, now, is a lack of role models except idiots and assholes. That is also very much a media and entertainment problem.

The process needed to get through this to something livable is going to have to include a lot of respect and self study based on the growing diversity of people, ethnicity, and gender. Having not really paid any attention to the Red Pill thing other than from the misery and ignorance of the alt-right I’m glad to hear that it is not completely just self pitying fuck ups. But I don’t see much promise in their self flagellation but, then, to each their own.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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