A very good tale. But this also carries the wrongness that we both feel. I’m not promoting traditional Buddhism, primarily because it stands on its own just as logic and science do, but the positive attitudes that are ethically appropriate producing positive karma are mindfulness and compassion. Love is a different thing.

The Western words for love entangle passion, adoration, biological mating, familial, friendship, divine homage (storge, philia, eros, agape). These are all originally Greek and mushed together making the whole confused. I’m not denigrating love but it is an end product not a starting point.

You cannot and should not love a monster such as Trump. None of us deserve love but we do deserve compassion. If you are mindful you will see what parts of a person require compassion. Mindfulness brings knowledge and knowledge brings compassion. So mindfulness is a challenge as we must repress revulsion and hatred that blocks the knowledge that is the only path to compassion.

The next stage is karma. Karma is the natural consequence of our knowledge built by mindfulness and compassion. If you are mindful you sense someone’s karmic condition. If that reveals itself as good then that is someone you could learn from and they may help you. If they feel ‘wrong’ compassion requires you to understand. See the sequence above.

Buddhist thought started from awareness of all the mental pain that sentient beings feel. To reduce our pain, once we understand it, we must reduce that of all other sentient beings. As always that requires knowledge with a lot of compassion.

Trump must deal with his own karma. We must be able to understand, find compassion, and protect all other beings.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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