A very good presentation on the psychological problems of moving away from scarcity to UBI. The stages of that will be more gradual and the missing piece in this discussion of Utopia is the already accelerating conversion to a different concept of value in the economics of the future. The US is a terrible place to address this as it stumbles to the graveyard of intellectually bankrupt empires. Big portions of North America (the US part) will become nasty places with a monopoly on hate and early death but sections will move into the very different future. The problem for the US is the last forty or fifty years of steadily worse hypercapitalism (out of control capitalism as you have stated) which leaves only greed as a virtue stealing a bigger pile of goods as your reward. Obviously to most (sadly not all) we need to change to intellectually based value systems focused on sustainability that will naturally correct for many of the problems people imagine.

I’m really directing most of this at the responses that I find most interesting in interesting articles such as this. Except for the few, and they always pop up, who were warped by John Birch propaganda in their youth or perhaps even in the womb, who see any economically balanced society as some knee jerk horror supported by totally non-existent claims of historical proof, the majority are hopeful but still caught in assumptions from the past. We are leaving the past almost in its entirety.

One point I like to make about the horrors of being deprived of the need to submit to wage slavery, is the historically brief period of that as normal. The greatest social change of the industrial revolution over the last 200 years was forcing people into factory mode that required giving up control of most of your time. Success has always been a product of time and effort but throughout history most people worked only as much as they needed for the things that they needed. We will revert very quickly to our own time management and the activities that we want to do.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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