A very good article but it is best not to panic, yet. This is what paradigm shifts look like when they are big enough to matter. We’ve stumbled into a new world with a range of diseases for which we have no immunity. It’s possible that we won’t survive but, in relative terms, we have come a long way in just a year. Looking at the article list (and reading them) suggests survival is driving us to learn very quickly.

I’ve been saying that we need to look at social media as something very different than what we thought. Not to make too much of a point of it here but just as the web was confusingly identified as a kind of magazine until it merged all print and broadcast media together, this has the potential to replace government with a very direct kind of democracy that we have never had before. Our political problems are more about the failure of non-representative government in an 18th century form factor than about Russian news farms pumping KGB style propaganda into middle America. Despite the mindless addiction of our political parties to that KGB style propaganda we got onto this very quickly. The logical working out of the means by which the Trump coup d’etat was achieved will create change to prevent this. And that will mean looking at social media as public asset for public ownership of the media structure and individual ownership of the personal data that is being harvested free right now. At least I hope that happens. If not, we’re screwed.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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