A twisted history entangled over time and distance

The American relationship with Israel is complex that is best shown by the decades of moderate attitudes without regard for events. This amounted to a general disregard for the Palestinians who were forced off of their homeland to allow a full Jewish state to grow. There was a general feel that, despite the growing brutality of the Israelis, they were good people who would figure a way out of the conflict. That attitude was carefully manipulated by the very large American Jewish support base. For most of that time there was no one speaking for the Palestinians.

Underlying this is the old and chronic problem of racism and bigotry in America. The base of this disease has never been directly treated and it includes a strong anti-Semitic tradition that exists, not surprisingly, in those parts of the US now identifiable as Trumpistan. That this is also the last hold out of the American religionist tradition based heavily on a bizarre version of Christianity that evolved in the late 19th century links a hatred for everyone in ancient Palestine with a strong desire for those people to play out a mythic apocalypse. The Israelis are a special people who must complete their mythic role to bring about a new age justifying a disappearing set of tribal beliefs in North America. The result has been a love-hate relationship with Israel and vicious hatred for the Arab (also Semitic) Palestinians as a threat to their mythic dream. While representing a shrinking minority this complicated pathology has poisoned the whole American experience with Middle East. And, of course, Trump played hard on this as he knows his only hope are the ignorant and emotionally threatened and threatened primarily by demons of their own imagination. His only skill is playing on those demons.

For the most part in the history of Israel the majority of Americans knew this as a tremendously nasty log that no one wanted to turn over. Very gently deal with it and don’t look too closely. That was the strange balance that held for fifty years.

But things have changed and new generations are directly burdened by a corrupt nation fully entangled in a military empire based on Mid East oil. The sacred mythologies of the shrinking minority are no longer of concern and the brutal oppression of the Palestinians is simple too much to stomach. As we are much better networked and much better informed the old control of media and maintenance of the official propaganda lines has collapsed. The reality is that most of the people on both sides are good people trying to live with a closely linked set of cultures with centuries of historical lies. They are both held hostage by minorities and the governments that they control who are dedicated to maintaining those centuries of lies and hatred at all costs.

That same situation has become the reality in America with diverging cultures marked by the minority committed to racism and every type of hatred as the only thing they can understand. This will only get worse as we face the rising chaos of climate change driving larger populations into refugee migration. Either we clean out the instigators and then work to reestablish education, morality, compassion, and trust or we will all be storming the walls as the robotic guards of the oligarchy cut us down.

We have the option to break out of this and to try to overcome the hatred but it can not be done with the type of government that is failing as we watch.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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