A mortal wound . . .

This is an excellent detailed case study of a very high profile agent in the 2016 election disaster. The source of this was identified but it’s influence was impressive. The full volume of the Russian troll farm activity is still unknown as only specific examples have been identified but this shows it’s effectiveness in amping the evil developed and spewed by the Republican party. The incredible power of machine learning, massive Facebook data, mindless capitalist greed and targeted personalization was stunning in December to many of us in the technology industry as we realized what had happened. We need to make massive changes to remove and prevent this level of criminal corruption. This is a good lesson in how easy it was.

The interesting points here are the failure of the US political system to act on detected fraudulent foreign activity and the complicity and incredible damage done by what once was one of two legitimate political parties in this system. The conversion of the Republican party to a criminal organization dedicated to lies far beyond any imagined by Orwell in his naive 1984 is what made this possible. Yes, the US political system has been in collapse for years, but the complete destruction of any vestige of policy beyond obfuscation and confusion for the attainment of power dedicated solely to funneling the remaining wealth to those who own Congress would make Stalin pause.

It was a stroke of brilliance to accept the offering of a totally compromised fool carefully groomed for confusion and, we can only assume, destruction of the US as an international force. This has stunned and distracted everyone from the looting and pillaging that began immediately in January. But that is only the beginning. Meanwhile the rise of the global economy, destructively driven by hypercapitalism, has finally begun another cycle of inflation that, courtesy of the cheap dollar, is bringing business to depressed areas of the country. This has nothing to do with Trump who is the bobble head sitting in the back window of the limo owned by people we don’t know. The thrill of overtime hours after years of scraping by will be ended by the US tax reform as the dollars are siphoned off to medical services, pharmaceuticals, and another round of loans as the old petrochemical economy struggles to manage unbelievable debt. Meanwhile the national infrastructure will be ignored as money flows offshore.

Who could ask for anything more? And it all began with a stolen election that came so easy it is almost funny. Of course we don’t get to laugh. This article shows just how easy it was.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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