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Good responses, all of them. Amazingly this may be the answer. I haven’t written about the partner program until I actually got paid. It seems I missed the invitation but noticed I had the links to publish to members. So I set up my account and had a go. One story for one week was encouraging. I hope this has been carefully financially modeled.

I sense a real growth in the member only stories. And maybe even greater diversity and quality. While i wasn’t really looking for more things to pay taxes on, a certain guilt, here, in taking money out of the pool, I have to say a small but reasonable payment does wonders for focusing your mind.

The free keys are the detail that makes it work. Hopefully that count may go up over time or a “serious readers” membership for an annual fee (e.g.$15?) with an option to clap and to respond only to the stories author might work. Just an idea.

Somehow this feels like a winner to me. This is not a simple problem. The free writing needs too be maintained as that is the own opportunity for people to read and write with a good audience that responds at the level of the content.

In any case I’m bordering on happiness that something seems to be falling in place.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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