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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ September 3, 2021

The American apocalypse is not sudden and catastrophic but slow and exhausting. Our litany of death is the idiotic acts of people consumed by evil that could be prevented but isn’t.

We can’t believe that people could do these things, but…

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ August 11, 2021

We thought we understood paradigmatic change from Thomas Kuhn’s 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions after watching the transformations resulting from e-commerce and social media. But it didn’t work out as we imagined.

The popular assumptions about paradigmatic change were…

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 13, 2021

We’re broke, our bills are due, and we can barely pay them. No wonder things are so screwed up. But those bills are only interest payments on four hundred years of debt. The bills on that loan’s principal are piling up…

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 8, 2021

We are so thoroughly screwed that hope is becoming just a rumor. And even that rumor is lost in the deluge of idiocy that is overwhelming us with the raw, ugly absurdity that is impossible to ignore.

This deluge is the…

This dastardly gambit has crossed my mind also. Sinema seems to be playing this with all the sophistiaction of old fashioned comic book. Unfortunatley this is the world of anime and she it going to trick her way onto the Titanic.

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ September 30, 2021

I, too, feel my compassion draining away as I watch people succumb to COVID by denying life-saving vaccines for themselves and others. In the first ten months of the pandemic, our traditional habit of blaming the victim was secondary to the…

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ September 23, 2021

What can we rebuild from the wreckage around us? That is the question that will come to dominate the rest of this decade.

This question is not already dominating our discussions only because it is not allowed. Our mainstream media will…

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ September 22, 2021

Things are definitely confused for people who expected traditional outcomes in 2021. Despite general discussion of the new normal by the end of 2020, most people held onto the idea of a return to the past.

This was supported by a…

With great respect for Ethan Siegel and this article, the problem is not error but complexity. Ffor most people, most of the time, following the scientific consensus in any specific area is the safest bet.

Once upon a time this was a far better bet than now.

We are overwhelemd…

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ September 16, 2021

Paradigmatic change is confusing from any perspective but especially from the inside. Nevertheless, these are changes to long-held assumptions about how things work that allow us to not worry about basic operations in human society.

This is the way the world…

Mike Meyer

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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