21st century propaganda in action

This response is useful in understanding the technique of Russian style propaganda and the creation of an easily manipulated population. Small pieces of truth are inappropriately grouped with various fabrications making it difficult to determine what is factual. Constant repetition of falsehoods and periodic reversals of positions with denial of logic destroys confidence in truth. Truth is replaced with an authority figure. And this shows the value of someone even as badly damaged as Trump in that role. His ignorance, delusional states, and pathological narcissism makes him a constant source of confusion.

Sorry, Mr. Acord, your response was too good not to use. The DNC collusion against the Sanders campaign is a fact. While unethical it was not technically illegal. The use of the word collusion attempts to show equivalency between internal corruption of the DNC and the Trump collusion with a foreign power to manipulate the election. Obviously these are very different things. The remaining claims are the usual fabrications with no factual basis. The meme on Obama, a constitutional legal scholar, acting unconstitutionally is interesting in that one of his major failures will probably be his reverence for the intent of that document. He wasted his first term in a hopeless adherence to the principles of a failing system and refused to act outside the constitution after the election even with, apparently, extensive data on Russian involvement and manipulation.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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