2020: The Recognition of Irrelevance

Disgust with opportunists and the quest for new answers will grow

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ January 2, 2020

What can we expect for 2020? That is always the question that becomes real on New Year’s Day. Do we get to think about something other than the onslaught of stupidity in human politics and the failure to rebuild a survivable future on our planet?

No, because things will steadily worsen in 2020. The political stupidity has been trending for most of this century, not for any real reason, but as a symptom. The failure of the old political and economic systems makes almost everything to be done by the those who have usurped power in these systems irrelevant.

That irrelevance does not preclude their danger but that danger is similar to old bombs and landmines from previous wars. There is nothing new and no future but a long buried and antiquated bomb may still explode if enough people pound on it. It is usually naive folks who are killed or injured by unexploded ordnance because they don’t recognize the danger.

These opportunists who have usurped power in the existing systems will commit crimes against the health of our planet and crimes against arbitrary parts of humanity to satisfy their need to prove their power with acts of hate. But the recognition of these people’s irrelevance is already draining their power. Incompetence does not foster confidence.

Their ineffectiveness at any other level than lies, wild threats, pretense, and mockery of morality and law, means that most people in postmodern societies will increasingly ignore them. This, of course, enrages the old elite who feel threatened, as well they should. Their end is near and their power is mostly illusion as the reins of control in human society are passing directly to both people of those societies and to the systems that automate them.

This is the great irony that is so hard for people to grasp. The opportunists of the political collapse, by attempting to claim credit for economic or political conditions that are far above them, are similar to remoras riding a great white shark but claiming to be in control. Their inability to do much of anything but irritate the surface of the neoliberal system leads them to make outrageous claims justifying their existence. Only the smaller, secondary parasites scavenging the same base pay any attention.

2020 will make this clearer as the Anglo-American nation state system continues to slide into moral and functional squalor. The oldest national governments are already well along in this descent. The, nearly, ungraspable scope of the climate crisis and the structural failure of the old economic system to even understand sustainability and biosphere quality of life will obviously trigger greater disasters.

Growing climate and functional disasters will penetrate complacency and focuses social consciousness on survival. At that point the semi laughable antics of the sociopathic political opportunists claiming limitless power will cease to be humorous and they will be driven out. How long that takes to happen will directly affect the shock of the change. Once the old systems cannot be maintained with a straight face things will move with stunning speed.

My expectation is that the old systems will be dispensed with and dreams of aging politicians for reform and resurgence will be considered irrelevant. This will not be a good time but a series of tectonic shocks as our species realizes our plight. And some will go to their death refusing to abandon long dead ideas and pounding on long buried 20th century bombs some of which may explode.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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